Shihan Yasuo Sakurai

Sakurai Sensei Bio

In 2005, Sakurai Sensei attained the rank of 7th Dan with the Japan Karate Association (JKA). He has been training in traditional Shotokan karate for over 40 years.

Every year he attends the JKA master’s training camp in Tokyo, Japan. Last year he was recognized for this commitment to maintaining his technical knowledge and skill by being presented with a belt to recognize his 20th master’s clinic. Due to his commitment to his training and professional development, he has also attained a JKA triple A rating (A level instructor, referee, international referee and examiner).

He is the Chief Instructor and Chief Examiner for Shizuoka prefecture in Japan, now that he is living in Japan again. He is also the Chief Instructor for JKA BC (formerly NASKA) and has been for over 20 years.

During his 25 years in Canada, he was the NKA National Head Coach, the Quebec

Head Coach and the BC Head Coach. He brought his extensive competition experience and coaching skills to these positions.

In 2008, Sakurai Sensei was nominated to the JKA Shihankai (masters’ association).

This is a select group chosen from amongst the 7th dan and higher masters in JKA. They are responsible for discussing and making policies re: the explanation and dissemination

of technical information for JKA world wide.

He has recently returned to competition in the last 7 years in Japan. In a seven year span, he won the Kata division in the International Master’s Tournament 6 out of 7 years.

Sakurai Sensei’s vision for quality JKA Karate in Canada has provided the foundation for JKA BC’s commitment to providing high quality instruction based on direct connection with JKA HQ in Japan